Wearable Art

Whenever I hear the word “art” it ignites a space inside of me. When I think of art, creation and expression my heart can’t help but feel full at the thought of one conveying their emotions and thoughts through different mediums, and making them accessible to others.

Now when you say “art” and include the word “wearable” before it, it’s music to my ears. I was so excited when asked to style Artinmywardrobe’s new niche summer collection. The clothes have a certain boho meets chic essence that wooed the art and fashion enthusiast in me.

With easy silhouettes, soft flowing fabrics and unique prints, each piece in this collection is an art story and designed to dress up or down. There are a range of delicious colours to choose from – going from cool and breezy to warm and summery.

The prints on the fabric are all hand block printed. This is a time consuming rare artisan technique from India where designs are carved out on teak wood blocks and then dipped in dye, ready to be stamped on to the fabric. The buttons and trims are all sourced from vintage bazaars or made by hand in their workshop. The embroidery motifs are beautiful and have subtle cultural and lifestyle references. I love the idea behind such close craftsmanship involvement -supporting local rare art techniques and creating sustainable unique fashion is a wonderful way to strengthen the fashion and art partnership.

In addition to the garments, the jewelry line is authentic, unique and inspired from exotic colorful ethical themes-definitely adding character to any outfit you choose to wear it with. The choice of bags had to be my favourite part of the range. Think elaborate embroidery, patch work, Mirror work and rare vintage fabrics and now marvel at the fact that it is all done by hand! Apt for eastern or western style inspirations, these bags are the epitome of versatility and wearable art.

I hope you guys enjoy the way I styled these gorgeous pieces. I had the best time bringing out the charm of each one. You can indulge in this fashionart concept on their soon to be launched website (www.artinmywardrobe.com) and follow/contact them on Instagram for any immediate queries or purchases (@artinmywardrobe).

Photography – Kavo R Photography (@kavo_r)

Location – St James on Venice

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