Dressed in a Masterpiece

Hi guys!

As many of you know, one of the pillars on which I build my brand is that of uniqueness and individuality. My hope is to encourage women to embrace their personalities and let that shine through in their dressing; and so, you can only imagine my excitement and enthusiasm when one of my friends called me up explaining her new venture which held the same sentiments.

Wearing a Masterpiece (WAM) is a customized clothing curator which specializes in creating canvases out of clothing. Sonaly, who is the mastermind behind the brand, takes ordinary garments and makes them extraordinary by hand painting images or adding embellishments of your choice to them. She is an extremely talented artist who can, together with your ideas and hers, create the most gorgeous revamped pieces. How awesome is it that you can play designer and add a personalized touch to your garment all while supporting local talent?

I love these jackets she painted. The intricacy, attention to detail and complimentary colours all add to the energy of each piece. Check out her instagram/facebook page for more information on how you can get your own – @wearingamasterpiece.

Jackets – WAM painted by Sonaly Hurduyal (@wearingamasterpiece)

Photography – Salma

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