Sleeve Party

Hi lovelies 

I decided to kick off birthday week with a little party – on my sleeves! Sleeves are the trend of the season, and its a trend one can’t help but love. From balloon sleeves to tiered arms to puffed up shoulders, these little pieces of fabric which cover our upper limbs are currently all about the drama! I’ve styled 3 different looks using 3 different garments which all have a statement sleeve. I wanted to show how easy it is to incorporate this trend into anything from a casual to chic look. 

I’ll be continuing my sleeve party all through this week leading up to my birthday on Sunday. I’ve always really looked forward to my birthday, and I remember being younger making my own calendar from a month before just so I could cross out each day as a countdown to the 2nd of July! As I’ve gotten older, (I still love my birthday as much! 😉 ), but more than a celebration of blowing out the candles and dancing while everyone sang to me, its become a day of pausing to reflect on my progression, put thought into future goals, and appreciate absolutely anything and everything I have encountered and experienced within my 24 years of existence – all encompassing creating the work in progress (always) I am today.

Acknowledging unconditional love from and towards our family & friends, simple acts of kindness from strangers, appreciating the power of a healthy mind and body – being able to start each day by filling your lungs with fresh, crisp air, and choosing to be absolutely anything you want to be. Oh, and animals. Animals deserve to be mentioned and appreciated on their own. 😛 Living fully, selflessly, and wholeheartedly. These sentiments are important to me as I get older, and the thing is, you don’t even have to wait for a day like your birthday to realise this or to make grand changes in your life – the opportunity is always present and the choice is always yours. I’ve learnt that that which begins with a heartly decision and includes hard work can result in something transforming and beautiful.

As I reflect over the last year, I feel like my biggest point of growth has been staying true to who I am and no longer doubting myself. I have no qualification in the fashion or style realm – yet this is where I find myself, being driven by passion and simply sharing my thoughts with all of you in the hope of inspiring a similar acceptance and confidence in oneself to embrace that which truly resonates with them. We’re all on our own journeys, and along the way we need to ‘give ourselves permission to be where and who we are, and to still be loved for it. Through the messy, through the beautiful, through the unknown, through the process. ’ – Danielle Doby. 

PS Hope you have a wonderful 2nd of July! 😀

Pics by Jay Pillay Wedding Photography.

Location – Old Town Italy

Puffed Up

Puffed Sleeve Crop Top – Zara | Wide-legged Slit Palazzo Pants – Edgars Fashion | Sneakers – Vans Old Skool | Earrings – Lovisa

Balloon Party

Balloon Sleeve Jacket – Zara | Jeans – Sissy Boy | Juttis – Jutti Bela by Bela & Co | Earrings – India

Sleeve the Tiers

Dress – Spree | Waistcoat – Rara Artisan Accessories | Sneakers – Vans Old Skool | Earrings – India

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