Hi Guys! I hope you all had a wonderful long weekend. Mine was filled with a whole bunch of studying in preparation for my yoga teachers training exams next weekend. In other words, my days were filled with feelings of me wanting to dress comfortably, & look cute at the same time! (When you look good, you feel good – when you feel good, you study well 😀 Rational and completely justified deductive reasoning – don’t you think? 😉 )

The answer: Athleisure – for those times where comfort calls and sporty spice is your alter ego. A trend that’s been around for a while, and one which is definitely here to stay. Workout wear is becoming extremely versatile with sport brands designing pieces which accommodate seasonal changes as well as current trends. When this style of dressing gained popularity it was all black everything, yet now, we see garments ranging from patterned leggings and sneakers, to boxy shouldered, colour blocked sweatshirts.

Allowing you to turn a sports bra into a crop top or your yoga pants into high waisted leggings – sports wear makes for the perfect outfit to do just about anything in. I have found that it is wise to invest in pieces which are the perfect balance between being functional and fashionable. For example, a good pair of training tights made from performance fabric serves you well both on and off the workout field. Or, a windbreaker that makes for a good morning run throw over yet also serves as the statement piece for your coffee look afterwards.

Lastly, accessorize wisely. Accessories have the power to transform you from a gym goddess to a street style babe. Tinted/transparent specs are all the rage at the moment and are also oh so sporty chic. Loop earrings – having a street feel themselves, can complete an athleisure creation. The key with accessories/add on pieces is to ensure that they compliment the look – enhancing your style instead of putting a bunch of random pieces together. Think complimentary colours, similar tones (nudes/colour block), and layered textures.

T-Shirt – Adidas | Printed Leggings – Adidas | Sneakers – Stan Smith for Adidas | Sunglasses – Third Eye Wear

Photography – Jay Pillay Wedding Photography.

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