Thought – Energy – Vibration

Hello beautiful people!

Recently, I’ve been intrigued by energies and the power of thought. Thoughts amend energies which in turn, have an effect on the vibrations we give off and receive. Learning how to control thoughts and as a result, energy, can allow you to create your own reality.

I love places and spaces that have their own energy identity. A type of energy that radiates from surroundings leaving you feeling recharged. Conscious Cafe, being organic, authentic and filled with an incredible energy, is definitely a gem find! This castle turned cafe/wellness space lies parallel to the main road in Hillcrest, yet it is hidden amongst endless greenery and filled with the crisp air of the countryside – truly refreshing!

While shooting this look at Conscious Cafe, Yuveer and I had an incredible experience of the singing bowl. For those of you who don’t know what a singing bowl is, it is a type of bell in the form of a deep bowl. The rim of the bowl creates a vibrating ‘singing’ sound according to the rhythm and frequency at which the player strikes it (don’t worry, I didn’t know either, Yuveer however, was well versed!). The vibrations released from this instrument were intense, soothing and aligning all at the same time. We reflected on how like the singing bowl, everything around us emits vibrations which feed off other energies. When we are conscious of choosing to share our energy in a productive and positive way, it bounces right back leaving us feeling lighter and ironically, more energised.

For this look I wanted to channel my thoughts, energy and vibrations to create a look that my bohemian spirit would love to wear. As you can see, the result was a huge part of my personal style which includes colour, culture and charm. This Denim on Desi lookbook is an editorial inspired creation, showing how completely individual items of clothing can fit together so perfectly. Worn together or paired with other garments, use these pieces to take your denim look to an imaginative-liberal level, or allow desi vibes to meet casual dressing.

To end this post off, I invite you to explore new spaces, and discover the power of positive thinking. This will result in channelling your energy and vibrations to all things inspiring, healing and transforming.

Denim Shirt – Cotton On | Sneakers – Nike | Skirt & Blouse – India | Faux Nose Ring – Claires

Photography – Yuveer Karunchund. Contact him here.

Location – Conscious Cafe, Hillcrest, KZN

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  1. Beautifully written piece, stunning look.

    1. Thank you Prasha 🙂

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