Being Beautiful, Youthful and Most Importantly, Being You

“Individuality is freedom lived.” – John Dos Passos

This quote has always inspired me to stay true to who I am. We live in a world where conforming and imitating is necessary to be accepted or considered “cool”. This disheartens me because true happiness does not stem from trying to portray or be someone that you’re not.

There is no one like you. No one with the same ideas, thoughts or power. This is what makes you beautiful, this is what makes you, you! With my first blog post I knew I wanted to do nothing more than to ask people to embrace who they are and to let that liberate them. I have never felt more alive than when I am my silly, imperfect and real self-surrounded by friends, and family who are the same yet different.

Of course I have days when I feel lost trying to figure out how I got here, this is what being human means, but I never use that as an excuse to camouflage and take on another identity. I would much rather use it as an opportunity to be still, go on a journey within and as the great Rumi said – seek what is seeking me. I feel fortunate to have found a variety of modes that help me accomplish this: practicing yoga, dancing and of course, putting together looks that speak to my individuality and celebrate my individual freedom.

I have found fashion and styling to be an avenue which I used from a young age to create, express and explore different facets of my personality. It is one of my favourite ways to allow my creative juices to flow and paint a picture of who I am using different tones, textures and textiles. When you look good, you feel good! I guess this old saying rings true – and if you feel good, there is nothing in this world you can’t dominate.

So I ask you to spend a little time with yourself, learn what makes you feel most like yourself, discover the beauty that is you, and go out there to execute it in a way only you can. This my friends, is when the magic happens, this is when you are truly free.

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  1. So refreshing to read your words of inner reflection and self awareness. Live your dreams and they will become reality!

  2. What an inspiring piece. Age is a limited concept. Youthfulness is Forever!
    P.s. keep writing

  3. Well done Yuthika.
    I’ve read both pieces and it’s so comfortable- like sipping frappés and chatting with you face to face. Keep your heart open and the words pouring. We live it!

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